Prop.ctrl. panel hydraulic
Proportional, S-link, Dual

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PJC221 Control panel with S-link™ CAN-bus connection

Product features

  • For proportional thruster control with DC, AC and Hydraulic Thrusters
  • Finger tip control speed control with purpose designed joysticks
  • Hold-function for easy docking, runs thrusters at selected power step
  • Back-lit LCD display with instant feedback
    • System status
    • Indication of thrust level & direction
    • Oil temperature and pressure read-out
  • Interactive multi-language menus
  • CAN-Bus communication with thrusters and accessories
  • Plug & play cables, sealed and compact connectors
  • Diagnostics and system setup via panel
  • Built-in audible alarm "buzzer"
  • Connector for external "buzzer"/loud audible alarms
  • Supports Side-Power retractable thrusters with or without Speed Control
H (mm • in) 141 • 5.55
W (mm • in) 83 • 3.27
Art. nr. (12 & 24 V) PJC222
# Description Product
1 PJC Joystick 6 9012

The installer alone has responsibility for the installation of the spare parts. Side-Power only warranty the spare parts supplied only.

The information given in the document was correct at the time it was published. However, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it may contain. Continuous product improvement may change the product specifications without notice. Therefore, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any possible differences between product and document.

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(INSTALLATION MANUAL) (USER MANUAL) (PJC) (221, 222).pdf Manual English  Last ned
S-Link Alarm codes.pdf Support English  Last ned
Manual PJC 221 222 SAC.pdf Manual English  Last ned
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