Powerpack for standalone installations

Compact, quiet and easy to install.

Side-Power Powerpack

The compact powerpacks can run the stabilizer from the generator power at all times, and even have a standard built-in valve control of a load-sense-engine-fitted pump to enable cruising operation of the stabilizers without a generator running.

This pre-made system is used for installations where the vessel does not have a hydraulic thruster system. All of the hose and wire connections are pre-installed allowing for faster system install and startup in the field. Side-Power focused all of the connections on two sides of the tank allowing for the system to go in tight spaces. By separating electronic control boxes, the systems can be installed in engine rooms and other technical spaces.

We also offer similar pre-connected and easy to install central hydraulic systems when other hydraulic consumers, typically thrusters, are required. These have a similar level of integration while of course being a bit larger due to the higher capacities required by thruster systems. When combined with a hydraulic thruster system, the stabilizers and thrusters talk to each other via our S-link™ CAN-bus system, enabling automatic power distribution to where it is needed at the time, and even stabilizer control from the inexpensive thruster control panels.